Monday Musings


Ah, spring!  Days of sun, rain, flowers blooming, and the beginning of landscaping and other outdoor home improvements.  Hot summer days are just around the corner.

Spring is also time for celebrating the attainment of goals, namely, graduating from high school and college.

Recently, two prominent political figures gave speeches for college graduation ceremonies: Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Notre Dame University in his home state of Indiana, and a group of graduates arose in orderly fashion and walked out during his speech.  Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, was roundly booed at Bethune-Cookman University, a predominantly black college in Florida.

I love college.  It’s my favorite pastime (after movies, popcorn and pizza).  I have attended three college graduations for each of my degrees.  A graduation ceremony provides the opportunity to acknowledge the achievement of a worthy goal, and should be a solemn affair.


Colleges are, or should be, places where people can express themselves however they choose, so long as they are not infringing on the rights of others.  Expressing disagreement with our national leaders is a cherished tradition in this country, and the college campus is a very appropriate place to do it.

So to those who disagree with the protests, read your history books.  Look it up online, via factual information sources.  And don’t kid yourself: no one is getting paid.

To paraphrase Geico:  Protesting.  It’s what we do.



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